The AFDA Online Festival website allows people to interact with the films they see at the Cinema Festivals. The website allows the films to travel overseas at the click of a button. It allows students to forward a link to future employers and our international students to send their films home.


At AFDA we realize that the world is evolving, and that we need to stay on the move to keep up. From this ever changing need that people have to be entertained, we created the AFDA Online Film festival Website. We hope you enjoy interacting with the website, be sure to leave a comment, rate a trailer, or share a film you like with a friend.




The AFDA Graduation Film Festival is held annually in the month of November. This festival showcases 3rd year, 4th year and master’s graduation productions. The festival is a platform to promote the young professionals whom will soon enter into the film and television industry.


Students conceptualize and produce this graduation film by making use of their newly discovered artistic expression but creating a film that is commercially viable. At the festival a panel of industry professionals assess the film and opportunity is given for an audience response. The festival sees many industry professionals, alumni and general public join us whilst we celebrate the exhibition and promotion of our young film makers and their films at Ster-Kinekor in their cinemas.


2013′s first ever TV Festival at our Cape Town Campus


Working within the genre of the Telenovela, third year students have written, produced and edited two stories with a completely different feel. And in line with the AFDA belief system of ‘doing is learning’, these projects are entirely their own work: from conceptualizing the storyline, creating characters, set building and design, to the final product.


Guests will have the opportunity to view a live broadcast of these two offerings on CTV Channel 263 on the DStv Platform at 18:30 and 19:00 at the Festival.


The fourth years’ work takes on the form of the Documentary. And once again these stories were conceived, set-up, scripted, shot and edited entirely by the students. The film makers have approached issues and topics ranging from the despair of drug addiction and the sometimes successful search for hope and regeneration.


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